Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

“Beta tumse na ho payega”

This is the pet line we each have encountered while growing up. As we go past our teens the baggage of this understatement bogs us. Let’s put this in the past because you are the one that has the power to become what you want.

As we step into the world we are faced with multiple choices, some may be really attractive and some not so entreating.

So how do we really narrow down on the right career? One ought to introspect as to what work he can do day in and day out without the dread of it.

Be You

Then there is a section of people who cannot indulge in the luxury of sitting on banks and waiting for the right opportunity or calling. In such cases, it would be more probable to start with something which can provide for subsistence but also consider this “Money earned is for subsistence and should not become your goal”. In the meanwhile do not let your inner voice die down bored by the drudgeries of the daily grind because the opportunity will indeed come but then to recognize it will be crucial, hence keep your eyes open.

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