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Choose Your Direction

Mankind always said, “you need to choose a path, and make sure it is right.” Because, it will be only then when you’ll succeed, by walking on the ‘right’ path, popularly accepted by humans. A very few have stood up to actually bend the definition and make history. Whoever has made history has never chosen the most widely accepted path, rather they have created a path. We are the only animals having the power to manipulate our thoughts and control our actions and feelings like emotions, cravings, etc.

God has made us this way, and it is clearly evident that he has a reason.

A man chooses to step out and wander to a path with countless distractions and troubles. He deviates too because making mistakes is the essence of being a living creature. But even after those boundless hitches and obstacles, he is able to reach his destination. And at the end of the struggle, when that man has become successful he is called upon to speak on the stage. He never mentions how much he is earning, how expensive the car he came in is because that is never relevant. What he talks about is how he got here, what distracted him, when was he at his lowest but he chose to come out of his gloom. The direction is not what others have set, this never was. The direction is a path that you chose to walk on. It is unique for you, and if you’re aspiring to follow someone else’s direction then you are not living your life, you are living someone else’s in your own body. Find your own path, make your experience unique, find your own direction such that when you walk up on the stage to narrate your life story, you get nothing less than a standing ovation. 

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