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Education in Pandemic Times – 1

Education during pandemic times has been challenging not only for students but for institutions as well.

Teaching and studying are processes interwoven by experiences. The interactive sessions between educators and the educated often lead to improvements in teaching and learning methodologies.

In short during these times when virtual classes hold the roost it has been observed that due to limitations inherent in this mode the smooth transition of the imparted lessons to the pupil is missing the flavor.

Schools and higher institutions post-pandemic besides some who have shut shop will have a bigger challenge of dragging students back to the classrooms. How long this period shall last is yet to be gauged, but for sure will take its time for a situation to be achieved which we can call normal.

Institutional learning brings with it a plethora of experiences, social skills, and dexterity to adapt. The ward learns and builds a universe of his own unique replete with his own intrinsic experiences.

These experiences stay with them the entire life and built personalities necessary in social evolution.

Even in Maslow’s theory social bonding is marked on a higher scale in a hierarchy of needs which later transforms into Esteem and self-actualization.

The digital world is fast taking over the existing structure with work from home being economically more feasible for business houses, which in turn not wanting to lose out are transitioning.

How this shall transform the social landscape and affect the psychological well-being of humans is still to be seen.

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  • Haris Liyan
    Posted at 14:08h, 06 March Reply

    I really liked the Maslow’s theory reference and I must say, the article ended in a questioning manner about the unconventional social construct.

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